Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wedding, family, and friends

Well, I've taken a break from blogging and keeping up with my favorite blogs. So tired when we got back from Key West and so many things to tend to--good, bad, and indifferent--as is often the case when you've been gone awhile.

The wedding was beautiful, Amelia was a lovely bride, Key West was hot and hectic.

The collage has pictures from various goings on before and during the wedding. The red shoes, Deb, traveled from the feet of niece Katie to niece Megan during the course of several parties, and I loved them. Pictures of friends, cousins, parents, siblings, etc. at different points along the way. Here are nieces Katie and Megan and nephew Cody with Amelia. McDowells and Mullen cousins.

I wish I'd gotten at least one picture of Chris and all of his cousins together.

Chris's parents gave a party on Friday night before the wedding that was so much fun. The young people wore themselves out dancing. Here are Amelia, Rachal, and Edna. Edna is an absolute live wire who has never met a stranger and has more

energy than any two of the "twenty-somethings" rolled together. She is a tiny thing, but don't let that fool you...dynamite in a small package.

Chris's family: brother Stefan, Dad Bill and Mom Linda, with Chris.

Blogger won't cooperate, so more later.


  1. So glad you're back before Ernesto decides to hit! Looks like you had a grand time...I went to a wedding last weekend, too...and caught the bouquet(which was thrown to wannabee grandparents!!)

  2. You got out just in time. I heard today Key West was asking tourists to leave. What luck, what fun, what a beautiful couple. What a blessing.

  3. Welcome home. Looks like you had a great time. Speaking of timing...welcome home!

  4. We did have a great time and were out before Ernesto caused problems. Fee and I were a little concerned about Amelia and Chris who did not get home until Saturday, but that worked out, too.

    Congratulations on catching the bouquet, Debby; we were blessed, Jane Ann; and thanks for the welcome home, Rian.

  5. Welcome home! It sounds like a wonderful time and the photos are great. Those red shoes are HOT!


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