Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ticking off items on list

This is Lady Carolina Belle, whose weight keeps increasing. Amelia really should put her on a diet. Just kidding, Amelia. Carolina is a stocky little English bulldog with a Princess Personality.

I've 4 sleeves made and pinned onto their respective quilts and will do the hand stitching when watching television. Doing the sleeves takes no time at why don't I do them before putting on the bindings? Well, from now on that is my intention.

Trying to attend to "unfinished business" in several areas right now and am pleased to note that I'm making progress:
  • Made a couple of small blocks for the baby quilt.
  • Spread the batting out to relax with intentions of getting to the geometric quilt sandwich soon (not sure just when as things are pretty busy around here at the moment).
  • Quilt sleeves - in progress
  • Labels - mostly done; found 4 more that need labels


  1. a lovely dog image! I wish she was right her so I could fuss over her. Glad you have some time and space for the work you described. Sounds relaxing as well as productive ...

  2. Oh, she's a cutie. How can you not love a face like that!

  3. She really is a cutie and full of personality. Amelia adores her even if Carolina does demand a lot of attention. :)

  4. If you put one edge of your quilt sleeve on your quilt when you are adding the binding to the edge, it will be ½ done and then you only have to hand sew the other long side to the quilt. It seems stronger to me too.

    Or, use clips and forget the sleeve all together! I've been doing that lately with great success and it is very fast!

  5. Her eyes look otherworldly!


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