Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This and that...

*I followed this little fella all over the garden, but he really loved the Homestead Verbena. He was not particularly impressed or frightened by my presence and moved from flower to flower at his own pace.

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*Since Fran and I have both commented on sunflowers and critters, I want to share "the squirrel and sunflower" event from yesterday. Sitting on the porch, minding my own business, some unusual movement among the sunflowers caught my eye. A squirrel was climbing around in the sunflowers (mine are obviously sturdy enough to support squirrel). As I watched, the little bugger got very still, so turning my head slightly, I pretended not to see him. He detached an entire flower head and made off with it in his mouth. The petals were mostly gone, but it was still vastly amusing to watch him scamper along the fence with the flower in his mouth.

*I've completed and applied ten labels. Admittedly this chore didn't take long, but it is something that I've avoided doing for so long that pride in my accomplishment is somewhat justified. Most of the quilts that have gone on to other homes had labels, but if there was no real reason, I just didn't bother.

*Next on my list is making sleeves. Quite a few are missing sleeves as well. This a dreaded chore that I don't enjoy at all, but I'm determined to follow through.

*Erin and Eric are moving back to Baton Rouge tomorrow. A huge upheavel, but well worth it for both of them and for various reasons. I will miss my visits to the Fondren community, but missed some of the places in B.R. I enjoyed when visiting there.

*Amelia's wedding is the 19th. This seemed so far away just a month ago, but is awfully close now.


  1. Great job on the lables - it is not my favorite part so I procrastinate on them as well.

  2. Thanks, Peach. Feel better and spurs me on to the next step.

  3. I have sent or given more labelless quilts than I should admit but now I have a monogram feature on my machine and that makes the job bearable.


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