Monday, August 14, 2006

Oooh, Blogger Buzz

Change is in the air and Blogger is adding new features, although it may take awhile since transitioning will be gradual.

I'm still working on my list--slowly, I admit, but working. Have finished the handstitching on two sleeves, made a few more blocks, etc.

We will be leaving Thursday for Key West and Amelia's wedding. Excited, nervous.

Love this. If you are a Calvin and Hobbes fan, you will, too.

I really enjoy wasting time on jigsaw puzzles and for those who are interested in Harry Potter, here is one you might enjoy. Actually, here is a list of HP jigsaw puzzles and a recipe for Butterbeer. Enjoy.


  1. Hi Jen, I love this post, I'm a HP & C&H fan both!
    Just dropped by to let you know I got the ATC in the mail last night & I LOVE it! My favorite colors & it's BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for the trade. I'll have to post it when I get the chance.

  2. I'm a big Calvin and Hobbes fan... I found my way here from the Blogger Buzz page, and thought I'd say hello.

    So, hello!


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