Monday, August 07, 2006


I took Shelina as an example and wrote down some of my goals and have begun working on them. The first goal was to go ahead and finish quilting the current project. Although it was almost done, I kept putting it aside and delaying. Yesterday, I sat down and finished the quilting, last night I made and began applying the binding, and today, I finished up. Still needs a sleeve (which I never think about until the quilt is finished) and a label. In fact, sleeves and labels are on my "August To Do List," as I have a number of pieces that are missing one or both.

This one is called Peony Pavilion and is 17" x 30" and hand quilted.

Feel better to have completed this and to have it out of the way. Tomorrow, I'll think about the label and sleeve.

Yesterday, I also cleaned up my desk area. Hmmm...that took quite a long time. I have a bad habit of stacking papers that will never be overcome, but every once in a while I try to fight the good fight. Feels so good to sit down here now and know everything is clean and neat and organized again.

This morning was my 6 month appt. for getting my teeth cleaned. Next Monday, I have to get started on replacement crowns. Not much fun, but necessary.

Oh, and I finally mailed Deb H.'s ATC. I'm ashamed to admit I've had it in the car for at least 3 days, stamped and ready to mail.

In addition to Collaborative Quilting, I'm reading this. Full of good tips, instructions, and examples, this one should be very useful.


  1. Peony Pavilion is very nice. I like its simplicity.

  2. Lovely piece. The colors are perfect for my living room....

  3. I'm so envious of your possession of Collaborative Quilts! I've been waiting for its publication for months. I've looked everywhere locally and Amazon can't ship for another month.

  4. That is such a pretty piece. Good idea for listing your goals. I find that having a blog makes me do quilty things more often, just so I can report it.

    Most quilt books do have the directions for binding before they tell you the directions for labeling and hanging sleeves.
    But generally, you can put in your label and your hanging sleeve at the same time as your binding and save yourself some work. You will have two parts of the label done - two corners, and will just have to applique the other two sides, and you just have to do the bottom of the hanging sleeve, and it will hang better if you sew it into the binding.
    Also because of people stealing quilts - and taking on a label that is attached last is easy - most people now recommend putting the label on before you quilt so it can be quilted into the piece and therefore harder to remove.

  5. Deb G. - Thanks! Now, if I can learn your piping method, I'll be set for the next one. You did a nice job on that tutorial.

    Rian - I've got to check out your living room more closely! But which living room? :)

    Jane Ann - Guess I got in before Amazon had to re-order. Which is certainly good for Marston/Moran! I do love their carefree approach and the pictures are wonderful.

    Shelina - I know, but never remember because I just want to be finished and don't really like doing sleeves anyway. Have resolved to do better in the future, however, because you are right on all counts.

  6. that is such a beautiful piece...where did you get all of the parts? wonderful!

  7. Thanks, Kim! Just 4 different fabrics stitched together with a flower cut from a fifth fabric as an applique.

  8. Keep up the good work » » »


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