Friday, August 04, 2006

ATC from Deb Hardaman

Deb sent this lovely ATC from Anchorage, AK. I love it and thanks so much, Deb. Yours goes into the mail today.

I'm reading the new Marston and Moran book Collaborative Quilting--I'm using a two-pronged approach to reading it. First I skimmed through the entire thing, then I went back and started at the beginning...reading word for word. However, as soon as I stop reading, I replace my bookmark and skim again, looking at all of the marvelous quilts. Yesterday, I made a couple more blocks for the baby quilt using some of the sample blocks in the book.

Still quilting on the Asian looking piece, and I'm finally able to see that it will soon be finished. Have not been terribly consistent with any quilting lately. Can't seem to focus for any length of time...some attention deficit in action here.

Amelia's wedding is approaching rapidly. August 19th! Can scarcely believe that in addition to my handsome new grandson, I'm going to have another handsome son-in-law.

Erin and Eric (and Mila and Max) are getting to move back to Baton Rouge. Eric will be teaching at Southern, with a substantial increase in salary and more research opportunities. They have found a house to rent and are considering options on their house in Jackson. Sell, rent, lease?


  1. I have that trouble with a lot of quilting books - there are so many pretty pictures to look at that it is hard to read the words. And I too have trouble focusing from time to time. I have created a list of goals to help with the focus. I selected a few quilts that need my attention. The rest of them will not get any of my attention until substantial progress on these have been made.

  2. You have so much going on it's a wonder you can focus on anything just now.
    There's an ATC on it's way to me from Deb H in Alaska and after seeing your photo i'm getting very excited about it.


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