Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Poet

Thanks to Liz Elayne, I now have a new poet to love, Li-Young Lee. This site has brief biographical information and links to several of his poems. The only one I was familiar with was "The Gift," which I'd read somewhere several years ago, but had forgotten about.

Here on the things have continued very hot--up to 105 one day. Yesterday was better at 102, but the heat indexes are pretty scary... up to 110.

Thomas says its 110 in California at his seminar, but he's having a good time.


  1. Thanks for coming by my poetry site and commenting. Woweee, it sure is hot. It's 104 in Portland Oregon today! Last week it was 119 (!) in Bismark North Dakota! It's too hot outside to pull weeds, so I will come in and blog. You have an interesting site. Stay cool.

  2. It must be blazing just about everywhere. It's anywhere from 100-110 in the day and at 11 p.m. last night it got down to 83.

  3. Isn't Li-Young Lee great? I had never heard of him, but have since printed off several of his poems. I think he's wonderful!

  4. so glad you have found him too. he is simply incredible. i am getting ready to order a book of his poems...i feel ravenous to read more.


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