Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Literary mapping

Just found this interesting link that I'm posting here on my reading blog as well. The site produces a map of authors. For example: If you read a particular author and enjoy his/her work, you can get a map of what other people read who also read that author. Not only can it introduce you to new authors, but it can remind you of authors that have slipped your mind.

For example, people who read Amy Tan may also read Anna Quindlan, Gregory Maguire, Minette Walters, etc.

People who enjoy Barbara Kingsolver may also be reading Joyce Carol Oates, Jane Smiley, Margaret Atwood, Annie Proulx.

What you realize is that your own reading patterns are repeated by so many others. And it's fun to see the connections between authors.

Goethe: Heinrich Boll, Charlotte Bronte, Descartes, Nietzsche, Bertold Brecht.

I must leave this alone!!!

105 degrees here yesterday. The entire country is suffering from this heat wave. It was 96 at 8:00 last night!


  1. What a terrific site! Thanks a lot. Some of the connections are surprising. For example, who would guess that people who read Jane Austen would also read A Clash of Kings by the fantasy author George R. R. Martin. I bookmarked this and will definitely come back to it.

  2. Forget what I said--the heat must have caused hallucination! I just looked at the page again and Martin's name isn't there. I thought it was odd because what I saw was the title of the book and not author's name. How weird...

  3. Right after replying that I read both Austin and George R. R. Martin, Kay said she was mistaken. Now I think that is definitely a mapping pattern to develop...and I'm still waiting for the 4th in Martin's series.

  4. Ah, if you put in Tolkein, you get Austen and Martin. I've read 33 of the authors on that map.

  5. I just went to this web site and somehow when it came up, it was on Peter Robinson, an author I happen to be reading now, and have listened to two of his books on CD. Interesting!! I can amusing myself for hours with this!

  6. What a great site, I punched Anne Perry and came up with the whole list of mystery writers that I adore. Fascinating that Barbara Michaels and Elizabeth Peters have different authors listed.
    I've got to pass this on to some friends and family.


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