Saturday, July 08, 2006

blue piece and hand quilting

In March (I think), I ordered some panels from Karen Miller, beautiful pieces that I absolutely loved. Didn't know what I was going to do with them, just that I wanted them. After finishing Max's baby quilt, I decided that one of them would be a good way to practice my hand quilting. My stitches did become more regular, and the realization that hand quilting was equal to knitting or crocheting in relaxation made this worthwhile. The credit for the piece, of course, goes to the creator of the fabric, but the pleasure was all mine as I stitched. My stitches are more regular even if not as small as some people are able to do, so I'm pleased.

Yesterday after work (left about 2:00, so I'd have time), I went to see Aunt Janice who was looking great and doing so much better. Next time, I need to remember my camera and take a picture--she looked so pretty.

Then on out to the other end of town to see Ann who has made great progress in the last week. Every time I see her, I can see improvement, and her speech is easier to understand. Ann D. and Olivia were also visiting, and it was good to catch up with them, too.

After leaving Ann, I went by and picked up Laddie and took him to dinner and checked his meds. He is pleased that Marty will be getting home soon. "I miss those boys." :0 Me, too!

Got home around 6:30, and Marty called to check in. They had a good time, were going to spend the night in Kentucky, then head on home today.

Also found message from Erin, and we hope to have a baby next week. Up until after 1:00 this morning finishing up the binding on the blue piece. Need to start something else so that I will have a piece to work on when I go to Jackson after baby Max arrives.

Slept until 7:00 this morning, and have now wasted a good part of the morning, so better get busy.


  1. I am impressed!! Nice stitching. I like that the stitches are larger and show the motif in this.

  2. Jen, this post reminded me of my great grandmother's neighborhood...where people checked in on one another and reported just as a matter of daily living. Even among my own family, that sense of things has greatly changed. Keep on keepin' on.

  3. What lovely stitching. The piece is beautiful.

  4. Wow, your stitches are next to perfect. It's hard to believe you just started.What kind of needle did you use,seriously,I want to know.You're a natural born quilter.

  5. Lovely. I used to try to put a little hand quilting on all my work (just because) but life gets busy and we move too fast. Thank you for reminding me of the simple beauty of some hand-quilted stitches. It's like stopping to listen to the wind blow through the trees.

  6. Oh what a beautiful inspiration, in the fabric! I do think it's the even-ness of the stitches that's most desirable. Also a big fan of high-contrast thread colors, so I think this is pretty perfect.

    Handwork is one of my favorite forms of meditation and it always makes me smile when somebody expresses enjoyment of the process.

  7. I would be afraid to show closeups of my hand quilting. You chose a beautiful fabric to do the hand quilting on, and your work is beautiful. You are right, it is relaxing and enjoyable. I am contemplating hand quilting a couple of my quilts just to back in progress, but they are bigger pieces.

  8. Love this piece. It has such serenity even with all the swirly movement. Beautiful.

  9. I love blue and white, and the simplicity of this quilt.


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