Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This sunflower is called "giant" and has re-seeded every year. It is now taller than the house! I pull up most of the seedlings because they need staking. This year, I left maybe 8 seedlings that are scattered in different places. Yesterday I cut down two of them because they were leaning so badly. Only way to get to the flowers!

Things have been hectic around here lately...and will continue to be so until late August, I guess. Trip with Laddie and my sister-in-law on Amtrak in the works, new grandchild due in July, Amelia's wedding in August.

Aunt Mary is doing much better and will soon be home with home help...fingers crossed. That will be one person who has made a drastic improvement, and I'm grateful.

Last year, I competed in 3 Tai Chi events. Thomas and I went to the New Orleans and Orlando competitions, and Jimmy joined us in Dallas for Taiji Legacy. This year I'm doubtful about even Taiji Legacy, but after a rigorous round of push hands last night with Jimmy, I came home wondering if I could get some routines ready and make that tournament. If the baby doesn't decide to come early.... [Thomas, we need to be looking ahead for something after your California sojourn.]


  1. Those sunflowers are amazing...enjoy all the family stuff...I know its busy but also sounds fun :)

  2. wow those are some sunflowers.
    What are you feeding them?

    I also love those calla lilies one of my favourites.


  3. HolyMoly!! I've seen some tall sunflowers before, but never as tall as that. Wow!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen sunflowers that tall. They kind of have a Jack & the Beanstalk vibe.

    Sounds like your summer will be very busy! Sometimes I wonder why it's known as the lazy and relaxed time of year.

  5. amazing this sunflower It is a wonderful flower but this one is the best


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