Sunday, June 04, 2006

Street Art

On the way out of Fondren (a charming neighborhood in Jackson) last week, I took photos of these whimsical street sculptures. Delightful, aren't they? Some day, it would be fun to just walk down the street and photograph this little town within a town. Eric bought the wonderful chickens for Mila's birthday at a shop that sells handmade items of local artists.

Today, Laddie and I are going to do a photographic survey of Shreveport's downtown area today. If I can get him to accompany me... Old buildings fascinate me and there are so many architectural details and murals that I'd like to photograph. When my computer crashed, all the mural photos I had were lost.


  1. What fun these are! wish we had such originality in our little town...

  2. Jen, if you haven't gone a couple of blocks north of these pieces to see his studio yet, it's worth the extra five minutes. You can't miss's the one with the sculptures in the yard. And these change periodically too so keep checking back when you're in town.


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