Friday, June 09, 2006

on comments, Tai Chi, and reading

I love comments on my blogs. Well, who doesn't? I always try to respond by email as soon as I can, but so many commenters are "no reply." If you don't receive an email after commenting here, please realize that I'm not ignoring you. Usually, I respond immediately without noticing the "no reply"and later find that Mailer Daemon has returned them; they've been dumped in my Spam box...which I don't check very often. I appreciate all comments and love to comment on other blogs; the communication is one of the best parts of the blogging world. It's fun to see that someone from New Zealand, London, or Mississippi (right next door) has visited.

Last night's Tai Chi class was an excellent one, and I didn't get home until after 9:00, but felt relaxed and alert. Missed Tuesday night's class and Wednesday in the park, so I especially needed last night.

I'm reading The Lightning Keeper, Leonardo's Notebook, and Liberated Quilting at the moment. Of course, the last two are mostly visual pleasures!

Well, best go braid my wet hair and get ready for work.


  1. The "no reply" or "anonymous" thing is aggravating. That's one reason I switched to doing most of my replies in the comments section itself.

    I love the photo!

  2. Hmmm, I didn't know I was no reply ... others have emailed me but perhaps that was from Typepad?

    Anyway, I'm sorry ... I'll pop by and check for comments here :)

  3. You shouldn't be sorry. A lot of people set their blogs up so that no reply to a comment is possible for a reason. Some people don't realize it, however, and I'd hate for anyone to think I deliberately ignored their post.

  4. I love the flower and hate the No Reply thing I think every one does

  5. That is incredible color on the flower!

  6. Me too, ditto on everything you said about comments. If you love comments and seeing where people are from try putting a clustermap on your site. I have one and it's just so much fun seeing more red dots on the map.

  7. Emmy: flourescent four o'clocks. :)

    Deb: I love the color, too.

    Sande: What a great idea! Thanks.

  8. I'm with ya on that "no reply" business. It's aggravating.

    I used to take Tai Chi. It was very calming. (Once you learned it!) When we were in China we went to a park in Beijing and there were whole armies of people doing Taiji together.

  9. I never know whether to respond to comments on my blog though--do people come back to check your response to their comment? I guess they do. Perhaps I will start responding more in that way. The exchange is interesting for others to read anyway.


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