Sunday, June 04, 2006

of murals and talking cats

Laddie and I stalked the downtown murals today before going for a late lunch at El Chico's. This "architectural detail" is one of my favorites, but I have no idea who painted any of them.

The next one is in less than perfect shape, but I don't think it detracts from its beauty. They both make the parking lots they grace so much more pleasant.

This video (borrowed the link from Two Lime Leaves) is too funny...talking cats. Yes, they do talk. Do they know what they're saying? Doubtful, but hilarious anyway!

The inner flower. Datura. I love the way the early morning sun glows through.


  1. I love the abstractness and sense of life in the datura photo. The others won't load for me, but I know Blobber is being pissy today, so I'll try again later.

  2. Thanks for the images. Street sculpture and murals are delightful and add so much joy and surprise to boring chores. And I love the datura photo which is just like an O'Keeffe painting.

  3. I really love architectural details. The painting looks so real. I've posted a few real architectural detail shots on my Dark Side blog. I've also taken the cats link & put it there too. My cat had a fit when I played it. Do you think the one black & white, that said "oh my dog", among other things, might be some old Italian man who reicarnated as a cat for some weird reason? He sounds like one! Too Funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. arcitectural details was a series of murals painted by myself and 4 other pro artists under the direction of Roberto Salas- thru SRAC- contact SRAC for more details- glad you like 'em!

    A Kent

  5. Thanks to A. Kent for giving the source of the murals! They've given a great deal of pleasure over the years... Many of us who have enjoyed them are grateful to A. Kent, the other artists, and to SRAC for the visual feast.


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