Friday, June 23, 2006

L.M. Montgomery

I don't understand how the weeks are passing by so quickly. It is downright scary to have days disappearing at this rate.

After reading Kate's Book Blog, I find myself needing to read the L.M. Montgomery books again. And more, I want to read Montgomery's journals (love journals and personal diaries), and something by Dr. Margaret Doody. Anne was a very important part of my growing up...and how many tens of thousands of girls (then and now) can say the same. Her work never felt dated to me; not when I read them as a child, as an adolescent, or as a parent who eagerly introduced Anne to my own children. Nor, as Kate mentions, was Montgomery's work all "sweetness and light"...Montgomery introduced subjects that were extremely unusual for her time period.

Kate is fortunate enough to be able to attend the 7th International Conference on L.M. Montgomery and will hopefully keep us updated. She's already reported on Doody's presentation. Here is an excellent entry into L.M.'s world.


  1. Girlfriend, can I ever relate to your first paragraph...

  2. I just loved Anne of Green Gables too - I vividly remember one summer school holidays when I must've been about 12 or 13 reading the lot one after another and going back to the library each day to take out the next one - the librarians son was doing holiday work there and being 4 years older than me and looking something akin to Adonis I was so smitten when he couldn't believe I'd read each one - never took my nose out of a book all summer :o)

  3. For you Anne fans if you want a giggle, visit my album showing the Christmas Tea we gals gave after visiting PE Island, we had such fun putting it all together. I made dresses and pinafores for each of the hostesses, painted ornaments for little gifts for guests, painted picture to go over fireplace, and did some fun computer manipulation, and we had more fun.
    pictures at:

  4. Rian--You truly have had a full summer already-in a way we hope not to experience. Glad things are looking up.

    Anne--What a wonderful summer that must have been!

    Pauling--All Anne fans should visit your link. What a terrific idea and beautifully carried out!

  5. I LOVED the Anne series! I had every books and read them so much that they were worn!

  6. Me? I'm an Anne girl - how could I be otherwise with my red hair!

  7. I loved Anne of Green Gables. My oldest daughter is just like her! Such a good heart, stumbling over herself - but less each year as she figures herself out!


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