Wednesday, June 07, 2006

flowers, books, and advertisements

Inner Moss Rose, one of the simplest of flowers, it has such a remarkable and complex center. It is also drought resistant and an abundant bloomer with no care.

I have to hurry this morning because I'm picking Amelia up and hoping to get her into the salt mines (filing cabinets) so that I don't have to make an appearance as often. What are daughters for, anyway?

Lopate's The Art of the Personal Essay has been mentioned several times on various book blogs lately. It is, simply said, one of my favorite books of all times because I can return to it at will, pick an essay by Seneca, or Charles Lamb, or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or M. K. Fisher and be filled with satisfaction. Rarely does a novel entice me to reread, but essays and nonfiction do often call for rereading. I should probably move this discussion to my book blog and continue when I have more time.

Just one more picture of an old advertisement that will eventually be gone from the urban landscape.


  1. The inner part of that flower looks like velvet.

  2. This Uneeda Biscuit ad breaks my heart. This country has no regard for history - and advertising is one of the most powerful elements of our social history. Too poignant...

  3. Deb, I love the way the center looks! Yes, quite like velvet.

    Rayna, the loss of some of these old advertisements really is a shame.


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