Saturday, May 27, 2006

talking to myself again...

I've got a soaker hose going and the timer set so that I don't forget about it. I can't even find the hoses is some areas because the Homestead Purple Verbena has covered everything and the hoses are lost somewhere underneath. A result of my lack of attention to the garden this year. The Queen Anne's Lace is blooming...another weed that I love and that takes over by seeding itself everywhere.

Miss Mila's birthday is this weekend, and we will be heading to Jackson tomorrow to celebrate. She will be three, and I can barely remember a time without her.

Lately, I've found myself with nothing to say, nothing to write about. My husband would find this astonishing, I talk to him whether he listens or not. Well, I know it is mostly "not" because he always asks me about stuff I've already told him. Actually, he doesn't remember what he has told me, either...he repeats the same story to me shortly after having told me the first time and never questions the slight tic in my left eye. It is probably a good thing that he is out of town a lot. Our marriage might have been considerably shorter if he had been present more.

At any rate, whether he listens to me or not, I do talk. To him, to the dogs, to myself. But do I have anything to say? Quite frankly, if I had to listen to anyone else say what I say, I'd be bored to tears, and yet, I don't bore myself. I continue talking to myself and writing to myself on this blog and on my reading blog .

I'm still working, on rare occassions, on the latest quilt. I'm now piecing the back and next Tuesday when we return to Jackson, my intention is to spend more than 30 min. on it and see what can be accomplished.

Things went downhill, I think, in the sewing department when I quit buying fabric in April. Now, I have some new fabric that I hope will inspire me to get busy again.
What are my plans for any of these? None at the moment... but I liked them.


  1. Please carry on talking to us. I really enjoy it. If it's any consolation my DH doesn't listen to me either and maybe the reson I enjoy bloggin g so much :>)

  2. I think that's the truly great thing about blogs is they're our own personal "editorial spaces" to blab away about whatever we want. If others find it interesting enough to read - yay! If not, they're welcome to move along. So I'll talk about stuff on my blog that I wouldn't bring up on, say, an email list (or in some cases even in person with a friend) because I'd feel like I was imposing with all my "blah blah blah." But on my blog MY "blah blah blah" - however lame! - is the POINT of it all. :-D

    Love the fabrics!

  3. Chortle! You mean its OK to enjoy the sound of my own "voice"? I mean, I talk to the dogs: "Excuse me, Mac, but I need to get there." I talk to the filing cabinets: "Let's see where to put you, you little snippet of information, you..." I talk to inanimate objects: "Where did I leave you, little trowel?" I talk to myself, I just don't have much to say most of the time. Not that having "nothing to say" has ever stopped me from talking!

  4. Is that waht its called - Queen Annes Lace - I also put a photo of it on my blog
    I love it!!

  5. I love the fabrics; especially the green and orange fish and flowers. Wonderful!!!

  6. I have several pieces in the green/orange line of batiks, mine are sun flowers & leaf prints, same colors. I love the fushia & orange together, it makes sparkle side by side on a quilt!

    I laugh when I see Queen Anne's Lace. It grew wild almost every where, in Michigan where I grew up. Now here in Alaska, the florists use it in expensive arrangments. I'm tickled when ever I see it. One woman's weed is the next woman's wildflower!

    & I love listening to what you have to say!

  7. Julie- I checked and found some lovely photos! Well, what a surprise...if one likes Queen Anne's Lace, I must assume you appreciate both the beautiful and the practical.

    Deb - I'm in love with orange. A late life thing, I admit, but a great pleaure, none-the-less!

    DebH- Hmmm, once again your creative, but saucy side shows. I think you are right and must try the fushia and orange!

    And only a snob could ignore the willingness of QA's Lace to bedeck the entire countryside! It is, unfortunately, only a spring visitor here as the heat overcomes its best efforts by mid to late June.

  8. Keep on talking. I do it all the time. I, like you, do not have a lot to say on the whole, but I can talk a blue streak to myself at times. LOL!

  9. I too love cow parsley, which is the common name for Queen Anne's Lace round here. Did you know that there is a beautiful garden variant: Anthriscus sylvestris Ravenswing with lovely dark red stems and leaves. I still prefer the original weed, however.

  10. Oh, I LOVE Queen Anne's Lace...and we don't have it here, =-( It was one of my mother's favorites and is one of mine when I am in NY...I am always sad when they mow the median strips on the Interstate during the summer because it is luxurious!

    I talk a lot, too...mostly to my dog and myself because I think husbands were not made with listening mother always said that "you HAVE to talk to yourself, it's the only way to get the answers you want..." So, I do...=-)

  11. I forgot to say: Miss Mila is a little ANGEL!!!!!!!! =-)

  12. Thanks for coming to my blog. My responses are likely to be short because of my current blindness. As I recover I'll be able to do more.

    much love,


  13. Jen, Mila is beautiful. I remember "three"...they grow up fast!

    The fabrics are beautiful, too; I love the orange. I think I'm developing a love of orange late in life, too.

    As for talking to yourself, you're in good company! I hope anyway...I do it all the time, at home, at work. People are constantly saying "what" and "huh" to me; I just ignore them. :0



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