Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pin cushion redux

Inspired by Bitter Betty whose lovely efforts are here, I decided to try a more fashionable wrist pin cushion than the one I almost wore to the grocery store the other day. I haven't finished the beading and still have to check the flea market for an old watch band (may end up with regular elastic), but I'm quite pleased. The base is a piece of handmade felt that I made during my felting experiments a while back and did some free motion thread play on before abandoning it. Just cut off a piece, stuffed it, put a little cardboard in to keep pins from puncturing my wrist, and voila!


  1. I had forgotten all about wrist pin cushions until I read your blog about the one that you almost wore out to the store. I never had one myself, but my grandmother had a dressmaker who always wore one - even when she went shopping!

  2. oh my!
    thanks so much for posting a comment on my blog so that i could find YOU! i adore this pin cushion and the story about almost wearing the other pin cushion to the grocery!so funny!


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