Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jackson and Mila's birthday

We had such a nice, if very quick, trip to Jackson. Eric has done so much work on the yard, and when we drove up, I couldn't help but smile at the "cow" he had built to hold pots of geraniums and verbena. There were other pots in the front and the effect was so welcoming. In the back, a a kitchen garden full of dill, basil, tomatoes, lettuce, and squash lined with bricks and thriving.

Erin had been busy making curtains for Mila's room and a bedskirt for her bed. The little room had been transformed to accommodate the little newcomer who will arrive at the end of July.

Fee and I were able to take Mila with us to spend the night at the hotel, giving us some private time with her, and leaving Erin and Eric with some time on their own. We thoroughly enjoyed having Miss Mila, and she was fascinated by all the "kids" at the hotel, having an especially good time watching them swim. Anyone under about 15 is a "kid," and Mila loves watching them...drawing nearer and nearer until she is acknowledged, but not making any comment until they speak to her.

I laughed when she was playing with Mama and Papa duck that night, and I heard her say, "This is your Captain speaking." The ducks had many conversations that were not completely clear, but it was obviously an entertaining scenario.

Most of pictures did not come out because the setting on the camera had been inadvertently moved. This was disappointing, but I did get some that I'll treasure.

Mila's cousin Ella arrived in the mail from South Africa by means of a self- portrait. Ella is a very colorful child and enjoyed the birthday cake very much.

Mila loves painting, and Fee chose this little water color set and Cookie Monster coloring book for her. Eric gave her 3 chickens that should give her as much pleasure as the ducks. She received plenty of books and a very special print by Brian Andreas of the Story People.


  1. What fun! & what a cutie she is! Thanks for the smiles on this day!

  2. That sounds like such a lovely time and the photos are wonderful!

  3. I love the self portrait of the cousin arriving in the mail...what a great idea...It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time =-) I enjoyed seeing a budding artist beginning her journey! =-)

  4. Looks like a wonderful family time. That artistic gene runs in the family, yes? Jen

  5. jCould that little girl be any more adorable??!! And what a creative cousin, arriving in the mail to join the party!


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