Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"There's a hippo in the bathtub..."

Erin and Mila arrived yesterday, and I did a great deal more dancing than usual. I'd ordered Anne Murray's children's CD (the same one that was in album form when Erin and Amelia were little), and Mila and I danced to

"Hey, Daddy, there's a dragon in the driveway,
Mama, there's a grizzly on the lawn.
You'd better come quick there's a hippo in the bathtub,
And he's going down the drain,
Oh, no, he's gone."

And danced again. and again. and again.

Last night we met Amelia at a nice little restaurant and watched Mila wear Amelia out. :) That dancin' can get pretty exhausting!

Up this morning and wants to hear "the hippo in the bathtub" again. and again...


  1. How sweet =-) Such a darlin' little "Strawberry Shortcake" you have there! Have fun, it sounds like you already are!


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