Friday, April 07, 2006

a rose for Mac (recovering)

This rose -a David Austin- is for Mac who is finally doing better. He had to have surgery for a blockage - which turned out to be threads wrapped around small sticks! Now that he's had the surgery, the pancreatitis is responding as well. Whew! It's been a long week.

I'm finally working on something...not sure what. I'm playing with solids in a kind of Denise Schmidt or Nancy Crow style.

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. ~Lewis Carroll


  1. Jen....Thanks for looking at my blog...I discovered Edna St. Vincent Millay when I was in High School (many moons ago) and have loved her ever since! Hey...we are the same age! I still feel 16 in my heart ! I have a good friend who lives here now...but she is from Shreveport! Take Care...May I add your blog to my favorites?

  2. So glad Mac is doing better! That is an amazingly beautiful flower.
    Hope you post some of your work as it progresses. Jen

  3. Poor Mac, what an ordeal he's had... David Austin's are my favorite too! Which one is this? Hope things go better for you and yours now... Thanks again for your comment on my blog, (my favorite paintings were sold too...)

  4. Maybe Mac will feel a lot better now that the sticks aren't there anymore. Poor little guy. Maybe you'll feel more like working on something when you know he's feeling better too. I know I felt that way when my Broccoli cat was in the hospital for elective surgery recently. I had his front claws removed because he was scratching up the new furniture, & I felt restless & worried (& guilty) the whole time he was gone. Being a nurse makes it worse because you know all the things that can go wrong!

  5. So glad Mac's pulling through. Looking forward to your work. I started a Nancy Crow type quilt last week (for about the ninth time)- There is something I don't get about it...I'm hoping someday I will. I took a week long workshop with her...she was wonderful, giving and very pleasant, and I got a lot out of her class. I guess I felt limited with all the straight lines. What a great way to learn about color interrelationships, scale, balance and proportions. The strips hanging on my wall now are gold, teal, violet, cranberry and tan. Wish they would come together nicely. I do have a sunprint from last year that would go well with them, but I'm already feeling boxed in by all the squares and rectangles that would be formed.


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