Saturday, April 01, 2006

Poor Mac

Yesterday morning, Mac wasn't feeling well. I checked his bedding and found where he had thrown up that foamy bile stuff during the night. Decided to watch and see if it was a temporary stomach upset before calling the vet. He wouldn't eat the rice I fixed him and continued to be lethargic, so I called the vet and took him in fearing pancreatitis...again. He had to have some blood tests, and they confirmed it. He is staying over the weekend and will have an IV to deliver fluids as he was dehydrated. Poor baby. He was just fine on Thursday, but Friday morning, sick as the proverbial dog. I will call and check on him after 8:00.

Yesterday's sprinkles lasted less than 30 minutes and then the sun came out. A beautiful day, even if I couldn't enjoy it for worrying about Mac.

Took Laddie to Imperial Cathay and split the "Sizzeling Delight" (which he and Mother always ate). He likes the seafood, and I like the snow peas and broccoli so it works out well. We each had a glass of wine, which made it easier to sleep when I got home. Fee should be home today.


  1. I hope you get word that Mac is better today.

    That's a beautiful photo!

  2. Poor Mac!! Although I am way too familiar with that biley dog puke, it has never lead to anything more.

    Hopefully Mac will come home energetic, spritely and ready for a good walk.

  3. Poor Mac, I hope he does well. Pancreatitis is a miserable disease. Any idea why he has it?

    Thanks for your comments on my silly little hot tub JQP.

  4. I'm sending good thoughts out for Mac. Cute little guy...Beautiful photo.

  5. DebR, Debra, Deb H, and Mary -- thanks to all of you for your concern about Mac. The doctor is pleased with his progress and our own vet will be back tomorrow to check him out and hopefully send him home. Pancreatitis doesn't always have a known cause, but once an animal has it, he is susceptible to future episodes. It can be very scary...


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