Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mock Orange and Robins

I love mock orange; it puts on such a show in the spring. Unfortunately, mine doesn't have the lovely scent. Should get another variety that has the heavenly fragrance.

Still stuck in "sewer's block," unable to muster the energy to make decisions about which project and which fabrics. So many other things are crowding my mind right now, that when I try to decide on a project, my anxiety goes up, and I abandon ship. This too will pass...always does. Usually, this time of year means all day in the garden, but I'm facing the same wishy-washy, can't decide what to do where, too much to do, overwhelmed, frustrated mind-set there as well. Yesterday, I made a list of things that need to be done and decided to just begin going down the list, regardless of importance. Priorities require decision making. Just...list what I see and work on the list one item at a time. That helped.

I worked back and forth on the house list and garden list and got a bunch done. Accomplishments, however small, spur the motivation to do more.

A robin has built a nest by our outside light and fusses at me frequently if she thinks I'm paying too much attention. Have been unable to get a picture of her on the nest, because when I have the camera and get close, she moves to the tree or fence and lets me know how unhappy she is. Hope to eventually manage to catch her on the nest...

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