Thursday, April 20, 2006


Last Saturday found me in Minden. Laddie and Mary enjoyed the visit, looked over some old pictures, reminisced. We had lunch at Mom's Diner,and when we got back to her apt. we had some of Aunt Mary's delicious strawberry bread for dessert.

Our baby birds hatched this weekend, and now are keeping both parents busy feeding those hungry mouths. Baby birds have a long way to go to achieve the simple beauty of adult robins! Look at the size of those beaks in comparison to the entire head!
Pink guara - another graceful and drought tolerant plant. No care, perennial, tough.

I bought this rose several years ago because it reminded me of the wild roses that grew in the ditches and spilled over the back fence when we lived in the country in Lincoln Parish. Those wild roses reached a crescendo of beauty by the end of May, and that was it; a short and magnificent show. This simple rose that resembles them blooms spring through fall with no let up.

We have almost finished with the painting in Erin's old room. She and Mila are coming next week instead of this week because we just couldn't get the room finished. I have to get a little more paint to do the closet, and then we're open for business. Fee put in new carpet and things look a whole lot better than they did a week ago.

It has been really busy around here lately, and today is no exception. I have to take Mac back for a checkup, make copies of some pictures for Laddie and Aunt Mary, take my dress to the cleaners, make chicken salad, do some errands and some shopping, balance my checkbook, get more paint to finish up, and pay bills. Blah! That's all I can think of right now, but I know that isn't all.


  1. Beautiful photos, Jen!

    I had that same rose, but I think mine died this past winter. :-/ (Probably not because of the winter, which was mild, but from mole damage. They also killed my favorite lilac bush and two young blueberry bushes. Bastards.)

  2. I adore the baby birds!


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