Saturday, April 08, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig

Here is Mac, back at home, and (metaphorically) licking his wounds. He is in his bed next to the computer.

And mama robin with a glint in her eye guards the nest, while her partner fusses on the fence.

Variations on a lack of theme.


  1. I'm glad Mac is home again and feeling better. Whew!

    I like your lack of theme thing!

    I have no fabric ideas that truly inspire me at the moment, so I've been thinking I need to stop waiting for inspiration and just start cutting some fabric and see if anything happens. Sigh.

  2. so good to see Mac at home...we had our own fun this week with the vet....I finished listening to the "penelopiad" today....I looked for it specifically on your review...what a great book...I'm going to listen again!!! wonderful images...maybe that could be your theme.....

  3. Glad Mac is home and doing better. We were not so lucky with our beloved Gizmo. He passed away from something very similar in 2000. He is still greatly missed.

  4. Hi Jen....I'm not sure what setting I must change or that a person can reply???? I looked at my settings...but just not sure! I am happy your Mac is home...hate it when the animals are sick! Any ideas about my settings???

  5. Okay Jen..thank-you! That is exactly what I changed earlier after I read your first comment. I did not have my e-mail address in that space...I do now! Thanks for your help!

  6. Glad to see your Mac made it home. Nice to have the flowers too. I'm still under snow, turing to muck in the yard, & dust on the roads. Spring won't hit here for a couple more weeks.


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