Friday, March 31, 2006

rain, insults, reading

Last day of March, and it is raining - lightly, softly - but raining... again.

Mary M. left a link in her comment yesterday about the Chaucer blog I discovered through Pages Turned. It is such a fun link that I'm going to post it again. Shakesperean Insults (thanks, Mary) is such an entertaining way to tell someone off! Choose one term from each of the three columns, and you have an insult that is certainly out of the ordinary. They can be mixed and matched as needed. Years ago, I attended a Folger's Institute workshop that provided this activity, and students truly loved it.

Coincidentally, Pages Turned also has a post about The Amalgamation Polka which Mary recommended.

This is a biscuit keeper or small cookied jar that I bought a couple of years ago because it is so beautiful. Look at the detail on the lid.

March reading is here.

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  1. Beautiful jar! My favorite passage in APolka is when Liberty meets the 160? year old man in the woods living in the ground.


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