Thursday, March 09, 2006

More good things and needle felting

Good thing: Erin is having a boy! She called on Tuesday to let us know that the little bump is a bouncing baby boy. Mila will have a little brother; we will have a grandson to go with the adored Miss Mila. Due in late July.

Good thing: I love my new ergonomic rotary cutter.

Good thing: Eggplant. Made stuffed eggplant last night. Mmmm.

Valerie asked about needle felting, so I thought I'd show some of my wool roving and felting needles. It is an easy craft, but one that requires some care. My first projects left me with fingers bleeding and sore from the times my attention wandered and I jabbed my fingers instead of the project!

Here are some of the lovely wools I ordered last spring from The wool is all NZ Corriedale, but all sorts of wools are available at different sites. They were $1.95 for one ounce at Joggles, I think, but as you can see, one ounce is actually a lot of wool fleece. She now sells samplers with bunches of colors. The fleece can be used for both needle felting and wet felting.

I made the little pincushions first - easy and fun. I'd seen wool pincushions (just wrapped strips of felted wool) for $13 at a LQS; I wanted one because the natural lanolin in the wool keeps pins and needles sharp and smooth, but didn't want to pay for them. So I made myself several needle felted ones with the wool fleece.
I use the flowers on crocheted hats.


  1. The pincushion made me smile and it looks like a quick project. I understand Bernina has a needle for felting that works with some of the newer models (for flat projects, of course!)

  2. YAY about the soon-to-be grandson!!

  3. Do you know Jane Ann over at Her daughter just found out she is having a boy to go with an adorable little girl. Made me think you two have some things in common!

  4. Kim, I love the little pincushions. They are at several different "stations" and always available!

    DebR - Thanks, we are excited about a new grandchild, and Erin wanted a boy.

    Debra - I tried to get to Jane's blog, but couldn't. Will try later. Quilters, grandparents, who knows what else we may have in common.

  5. Congratulations on the soon to be grandson. The pincushions are a great idea I didn't realize the wool would help keep the needles sharp.

  6. I have tried doing needle felting too - it is a lot of work and yes, those sore fingers. I love the flowers that you did.

  7. Micki - yep, the lanolin is good for pins and needles, the bright colors are good for me!

    Kat - needle felting is slower than one thinks, eh? Thanks for the nice comment.


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