Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Good Morning World" initial phases

Good Morning World is almost finished...only binding is left. So far, I've been unable to decide on what I want to use, but I have narrowed it down. Some of the photos are out of focus, I've discovered that late night photos also have late night focus. There isn't that much added after the last photo -- some flowers, the sky, a bird. Would like to get the binding done now, but have such a terrible headache that waiting until later would be wise.

I should have known that although it was a beautiful day, seemingly perfect for yard work, that my allergies would disagree. A little early this year for all of the allergy problems that usually wait until April, but so it goes. Everything is earlier this year, warmth and blossoms and pollen, pollen, pollen. There is still so much to clear out and clean up (as I did nothing in the fall), and I'd better work fast because things are growing at breakneck speed. Shooting out of the earth, developing on branches, crawling across the ground... The Homestead Purple Verbena has decided to take over everything and is so beautiful with its huge purple blooms that I'm reluctant to try to bring it under control. The bee balm has again multiplied, and I must learn to be ruthless with it and with the peppermint and chocolate mint and mountain mint and butter mint. Did divide some daylillies, a feat worth of an athlete, I might add. The more I do, the more there is to do--every year. But such promise is waiting in the garden...sinus headaches and scratchy eyes are sacrifices that must be made.

Didn't get the binding done as headache got even worse yesterday, but today, I feel much better and may manage to motivate myself to finish!

Sarah of Art and Quilting in Camden has a new photo of her finished Earth and Turqoise. She wonders about contacting Mr. Momaday and sharing with him the lovely piece his poem inspired. Here is the poem... Don't you think Momaday would be delighted to see this??

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