Monday, March 06, 2006


I mentioned felting the other day, and finally uploaded my pictures. I've finished needle felting my Lion, but can't put him up yet because he will go on my March journal quilt (and I've decided on his background, too).

Here, however, is my first attempt at wet felting. It's small, approximately 6"x7", and I'm pleased with it. Hope to do better next time, but it did turn into felt, and I consider than an accomplishment!

Step by step:

3 colors of wool - why? - don't know, I was just playing around.

Layered and dotted with dishwashing soap before wetting. Poured hot water over this and sudsed it up while moving palm in circular motion over the wool. Couldn't take pictures because my hands were wet and soapy.

Then rolled up in bubble wrap and rolled back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, etc.

Rinsed rolled in a towel and ironed.

Then, after admiring it (hey, I wasn't sure it work) for a few days, decided to practice free motion quilting on it with a variegated metallic thread. I like shiny. Now, it will be like the proverbial "first dollar bill" that people save.

I like the process. I love all my pretty wools. Now I can play at something besides needle felting. Fun.


  1. I simply cool. Have you tried making the silk paper...I think its similiar to what you've described with this.

  2. that should read "HOW simply cool"

  3. I love the way wool takes color and when I see pieces like this, I'm always SO regretful that wool makes me break into hives. :-/

  4. Very nice! Thanks for the photos and description. It looks like a fun project!

  5. Geez Louise, is there no end to all the stuff you can do? Love the way the wool turned out. You are so experimental, Jen...

  6. Thanks, Karoda, I love the texture of the wool felt!

    DebR- yes, the wool takes color beautifully. Wool will bother me if I wear it, but not if I just handle it. Hives...awful!

    Sande, thanks, it was fun! I will be playing more with this.

  7. Mary, I love experimenting and playing with the wool, but I can't make cloth like you do!

    Thanks, Frances. I love your silk paper and want to get some silk tops and try that.

  8. What a pretty piece, yet another tempting thing to try! Jen

  9. I love this piece especially the colours. What is needle felting?

  10. Thanks, Jen. Yeah, there is no end of stuff to try. I've still got dynaflow paints to break into - especially since seeing your lovely results.

    Valeri, I'm going to post some more about needle felting. It is fun, kind of like crochet or knitting - peaceful and handwork for in front of the tv.

  11. Wow, just beautiful. I really want to try dying some wool. I have a book on the subject.


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