Monday, March 27, 2006

Doll face

I made this doll in 2001 to serve as my personal crone. In 2002, I began to let my hair grow from the short boy-cut ... perhaps subconsciously growing into the crone I'd created. I had just discovered Paperclay and was having fun trying to sculpt various item for collage - it is a wonderful air-dry clay, so much fun, so little trouble.

Last year, playing with fabric paints led to Catawumpus and a Paperclay "mask" face.

Girl with Kite is all fabric and made from scraps left over from making a purse.
These are the only 3 dolls left in my possession, I've not made a doll in the last year. After a "conversation" with Marion - Artmixter - and seeing her dolls here and here and her personal totem, I may want to play with another. I have a couple of heads I made last year that look like they should be on the ramparts of a castle as they are bodiless and stuck on bamboo skewers.

And wouldn't it be fun to make a theater or other scenery for them as Ullabenulla does at the Castle?


  1. What fun! I just love dolls, especially art dolls and the way their face, hair, outfits, embellishments come together to give each one a unique personality. I can't decide which of yours I like the best.

  2. jen, looking at these dolls helped me see your style of depicting human form as in the quilt with the woman and the bird a few posts down. i can see the similiarities in their bittersweet facial expressions and fragility of form.

  3. Thanks, Diva. They are fun to make.

    Karoda, I like the oddity of them. Meant to tell you that I wandered on your NPR link and enjoyed some of the other essays. The one you linked, however, is one I want to keep in my mind.

  4. Only today, I was thinking that I haven't made a doll in a while. Now, seeing yours, I think it's time to make another one...or two...
    Thanks for the inspiration
    who Must Try Paperclay...

  5. Jen these are all great dolls. I still have the one I started a couple of months ago to finish, can't seem to get her head right, or maybe it's my head that isn't quite right. LOL!


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