Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine Postcards

Here are the Valentine postcards I mailed Friday afternoon about 4:30. Had to get them hand-canceled so they needed to go out on Friday, and I thought they'd arrive today.

Thomas and Beth, however, received theirs on Saturday.

The deep red ones (didn't photograph well) with Chinese calligraphy went to the Tai Chi in the park group.

The pink ones went to Erin and Amelia.

These were fun to make.

Right now, I'm finishing up the February journal quilt, but won't be able to post it until Debra gives the "reveal" dates, which will be around the 20th of February.


  1. Jen these are gorgeous postcards I'm green with envy of the recipients, did you print the fabric with the Chinese calligraphy and I love the tiny stitched hearts sprinkled on the bottom postcard, they are 6 lucky people and Mila's wonderful quilt, so glad you had a great time with her,

  2. You are so on-the-ball, having your Feb journal done! Good job and I love the oriental valentine post What a great blessing with the 'metal' fabric.

  3. The chinese postcards are delightful. Don't often think, 'want one', but on this occasion, I do!


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