Friday, February 24, 2006


I went to Material Girl, one of my favorite places to shop, with the gift certificate Fee gave me for Valentine's Day in my hot little hand. How quickly one can spend money in a fabric store. The store caters mostly to traditional quilters so there weren't any books that I wanted, but I managed to get a stack of Asian-themed fat quarters, a new ergonomic rotary cutter, and some 1/2 yard pieces that jumped out at me.

Then I stopped in at Medina's, one of Amelia's favorite stores. Medina is where Amelia's friend Penn works, and it is really a lovely place to work with wonderful things to keep the eye happy.

See how happy Penn is! Surrounded by inspiration each day, bet it is hard to actually have a pay check to take home...

Here is the beautiful piece I decided I needed. Just love the color and shape!


  1. I couldn't work in a store like that. I would never bring home a paycheck.

  2. Medina's looks very fun and very, very dangerous.

  3. I'm glad you had a fun day the piece you bought...

  4. Jules & DebR, I'd never have much money, either! But I'd have a lot of cool STUFF!!

    Thanks, Mary. They had another shape and size in that color; I may have to visit Penn again.

  5. That store has fabulous eye candy, I love the piece you bought. I am spending gift certificates in quilt shops also - I always end up assing my own money to the purchase!


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