Thursday, February 02, 2006

Projects and Lions

I've got 4 projects going at the moment: postcards, pillow, journal quilt (well, I'm looking at the lanterns in oil pastels, but not really working on it), left over piece that I used to experiment then decided to hand quilt, and a lion's head that is drawn on the fabric and will wait until there is time. Sometimes you have to go with the idea before you forget, then let it sit while you decide where to go with it when you have time.

The lion's head is the funny, mischievous kind used in the Chinese Lion Dance. Not this one, which I forgot that I'd posted in July after the Orlando tournament, but a more multi-colored one. I love the lion dances and admire the strength and agility of the kung fu students who put in all of the hard work. The costumes are beautiful and elaborate charicatures, and the dances are funny, sometimes dangerous, sometimes flirty. It's amazing how much personality can come through. Here is an example of the dangerous part, but watching a lion flirt with children is priceless.

I'm wandering all over today. Back to one of the projects...but which one?

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  1. Amazing lion dance. I have never seen anything like it.
    I can see how they would inpire a project. Jen


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