Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New piece and February reading

Here is a link to my February reading...

This piece is what I'm working on (sort of) at the moment. It is 11.25 x 25.25 - my measurements are always weird because I just cut fabric "about the length I want" then go on from there. I round off anything less than 1/4 inch.

The borders at top and bottom are sewn on, but everything else is fused raw edge. I wanted to try doing without the binding and keep a raw edge, so after quilting, I trimmed backing and batting down. The quilting is just straight down the sides with grids in corners.

Over the last week or so, I've put it back on the design board, and waited until deciding what to do next. And the grids needed to help lift the piece from blandness - so, French knots.

Not enough, added red rectangles. And copper dots.

And am considering something like this.


  1. Jen,

    Stop! This is my favorite piece you've ever made...I love the Asian feel to all of your work. THIS is incredible. I love it. Don't do anything else to it.

  2. I love how the fabric on the ends looks like fringe. Cool piece.

  3. I LOVE what you have so far, but am less sure about the ribbon thingies you have pinned on. What if you lead the eye with more copper dots? Or maybe I should totally shut up since it's your artwork. :-)

    Anyway...love it! Can't wait to see where you go with it.

  4. Ah, Mary, you make me feel so good! I do have a tendency toward the Asian, huh?

    Thanks, Jules! I hadn't even thought about the black and white stripes looking like fringe.

    DebR-I'm not sure of the ribbony bits, either. Thanks for your input... I don't usually put a wip up unless I'm seeking some help!

  5. I like it. Simple, clean, and strong with a delicate feeling. I agree with debr about the "ribbon thingies".

  6. You are the artist and it is your vision, but I must say I love it just as it is right now. You might lose the clean Asian feel if you keep adding. I love things that "work" and yet feel simple. It escapes me in my own work, but I love it when I see it.

    It may still be quite wonderful with additions, but it will become something different. Jen

  7. Jen,

    I didn't mean to sound so bossy...I just assume you won't take my advice because I rarely take other people's advice.

    I like the gold things at the top of the ribbons, but not the ribbons themselves. That said, this is YOUR quilt. Please do what you want.

  8. Mary, as I told DebR, I already had questions about the direction. It will stay on the wall for a while, but minus the ribbon things (which were scraps from something else) and wait until something tells me where to go. Or stay. I appreciate your opinion, and you didn't sound bossy!

    Thanks, Jen and Kim, the consensus is that simpler is better on this one. I have to smile at the tact everyone has used, both tact and opinions are appreciated!!

  9. This piece is so simple and elegant that I am jealous! Yes, leave it on the wall till it tells you whatever it tells you. Zen. and on that calm note, I am going to bed.

  10. I like it the way that it is now.

  11. Before I even read what everyone else said, i was saying to myself: "stop! it's beautiful and elegant and understated without the ribbon things! leave it just as it is!"

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see more of your work!


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