Sunday, February 26, 2006

Folk Art Exhibition

Saturday, after Tai Chi, I picked up my father, and we went to get a Humphrey - frozen yogurt, fruit, granola, and honey - before going down town to see the Folk Art Exhibition. Our docent was excited about the exhibit, and her enthusiasm was evident as we approached pieces she particularly liked. Many of the works are from the collection of Scott Blackwell, founder of the nonprofit Folk Artist's foundation. "The collection is the foundation for the folk art museum in Hendersonville, North Carolina..." and the artists are from all over the South - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesse, and Virginia.

Having left my camera at home, I mentioned coming back to take some pictures later,
but the docent said photos inside are not allowed. After expressing my interest in the bottle tree and window displays (outside), she said she didn't think that would be a problem - so I will try to do that. Robert Trudeau, however, has a blog that celebrates the arts in Shreveport and has some photos here on his Flickr site.

The part that I liked the very best was a collection of wonderful photographs by Katsy Long of the artists and their homes. It helped put everything in perspective - some of their homes are evolving works of folk art and fascinating in their own right. The works are mostly personal and the stories behind them as interesting as the art.

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