Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Progress: studio and tai chi and books

Tues. Night

In keeping with my clean & organize goal, I did spend about an hour working on my desk area. Also ran some errands, including a post office run. Bought some more baskets that were half off the original price and some cheap picture frames. Then to the grocery store where I purchased about half of what I needed because the store was so crowded.

Big important move: I did go to Tai Chi tonight. Several months absence sure makes a difference, and my muscles were quivering over simple moves. Extra effort will be required to get back in shape and to catch up. Thomas, Beth, Jimmy, and Mike are going to be headed to Hong Kong early Thurs. morning. Assume Nina and Douglas will be, as well. I've been away so long, I'd completely forgotten about this trip, but know they will have a good time.


Have continued stalling, but have accomplished a few organization goals.

Reading: The Illuminator by Brenda Rickman Vantrease
I love illuminated manuscripts, and the lovely cover of this novel caught my attention immediately. The story concerns a master illuminator during the time of John Wycliffe, John of Gaunt, and Chaucer - given the times and those three names, how could I resist?

Re-reading: The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
Poor book is full of highlighted sentences and paragraphs and accompanied by frequent annotations, but I'm grateful for the annotations because I would not necessarily remember the connections I made during previous readings.


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  1. Hi Jen,

    Glad to hear you're back with T'ai Chi.

    Let us know how you like The looks intriguing. Kacy LOVES The Power of Myth and Joseph Campbell. I'm reading Cloud Atlas now...a truly bizarre, yet not bad book. It's six sort of inter-related short is futuristic. Although I'm not a science fiction reader, I like this one the best. It takes place in a "corpocratic" China...the main character is an ascended (therefore , rebellious) fabricant(clone). There are people with "emeraldized" teethe and a big problem is what to do with the American boat people.


Good to hear from you!