Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mostly Mila

Erin sent some pictures of their time in France with the "other grandparents." Everyone looks to be having a wonderful time.

Obviously Mila's bangs are reaching the point of vision interference, not that it slows her down any. She can certainly see well enough for chocolate and art.

But maybe a haircut is in order...

Here is a clean machine fresh from her bath.

Ella generously shares her ice cream cone.

Mila and Erin; someone is praying that someone will take a nap.


  1. That child may be french, but she definately looks like a Mullen!!

  2. Well, actually, I see a lot of my mother's and grandmother's genetic code in this half-French, half-American child. But her parents and both sets of grandparents agree that she is a keeper!

  3. Jen, Mila is adorable...such expressive eyes.

  4. Great photos, Jen. What a beautiful family! (the other) Jen


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