Thursday, January 12, 2006

Good book and "To Do" list

Finished The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble and enjoyed it very much; in fact, I like it better than The Reading Group because Noble developed a tighter story line and created characters with even more realistic voices. As in The Reading Group, the first two pages or so left me a little unsure, but it was well worth the wait because once into the story, I was completely involved in the lives of the these four women. The book was a fast read that covered relationships (the four friends, their marriages, parents and children) and the sometimes devastating events that can make or break those relationships.

Today I made a list of several things I needed to do and realized that some of those things keep popping up on my daily lists. Because they aren't getting done! They are dutifully recorded, but they languish on each day's list and must, therefore, appear again the next day. Determined to mark off at least two of these hateful items, I have

1) balanced my checkbook
2) made my yearly appt. with the cardiologist
3) renewed my subscription to QA Magazine.

:) That makes three items that will NOT appear on tomorrow's list. Then I added a couple of more things to the Dread/Delay list and posted it on the bulletin board with the intention of doing at least one each day. Hopefully, I'll keep adding things that I tend to put off and slowly be able to slash through them with black ink - some are only once a week, others only once a year. Love the satisfaction of items that have lines drawn through them. Now I'm not talking about the regular list-making that I do - like laundry detergent, or library, or use JoAnn's coupons to get the stuff that cleans irons. No, I'm talking about the ones I usually put down knowing that I will probably avoid doing them. Sounds like a plan, eh?


  1. Little by little always seems more doable. One of my friends has been doing one hour a day of "clean out" activity in her house, and she has finished all of the closets and cupboards in the downstairs of her house as well as her garage. It would take me an hour a day for the next year to clean our garage. Jen

  2. I like the idea of doing at least one of those don't want to do it items each day. I used to keep a running list on the white board in the kitchen. Since we are showing the house, I have stopped doing that. But when it is up, it gives me a way to be accountable since it is out there for all the world to see.


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