Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gifts from Hong Kong

Met the Tai Chi in the Park group yesterday and had a wonderful surprise! Nina and I were eager to hear about the Hong Kong trip, but Beth and Thomas had more than just interesting experiences to share. A pashmina shawl from Beth - this is SO gorgeous, shimmers beautifully in the light. A calligraphy set from Thomas - complete with ink stick, ink stone, water dish and mixer, brushes, and brush rest! The day was dreary and rainy (we practice under a huge gazebo, so the rain wasn't a problem), but Nina and I were so excited over our gifts that the day brightened completely.

I'm sitting here now wrapped in my lovely shawl, drinking coffee, and wasting time. Need to get back to my JQ2006 since the deadline is approaching, and I have quite a bit left to do on it.

After Tai Chi yesterday, I came home and settled in to read. Such a perfect rainy day for reading, but after a short time, my dad called, and I went over there. Was supposed to be helping him fill out a medical history form for an appointment he has, but the first thing I did was put my own address. Duh. Big help.

Got home about 5:15 and waited for my DH who has been out of town for several days. He left again this morning, but it was nice having him home last night.


  1. That is some gorgeous fabric in that shawl!

    Thanks for sharing process on the not to be journal quilt. It is lovely. I might have sewn the whole thing onto a darker, larger bit of cloth and used it anyway.

    I have bookmarked the Miss Information site. I knew there was a reason I have been resistant to working the ref desk.

  2. Jen, what delightful gifts! Imagining you wrapped in the shawl and sipping coffee...I thought of one of my favorite lines from Rebecca Wells' book, Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood..."she knew there was never a time she wasn't loved"

    hangeth in,

  3. I can see now that the reference desk carries unforeseen responsibilities and quirkiness. By all means, Jen, keep your distance. Or maybe eavesdropping would be more fun!!!

    Karoda, the gifts were exactly that - delightful, and I am still delighting in them! I did feel a little special this morning, and even though I was still in my pajamas, quite elegant.

  4. ooohh, what lovely gifts!

  5. What gorgeous gifts!! Great way to brighten a dreary day!

  6. oooo the colour of the shawl! I see you "drifting" around in this one, the epitamy of grace and elegance! Isn't it wonderful how gorgeous fabric can effect us....see! it made me all wordy ;))

    Helen Suzanne (as blogger is making an issue of things again)

  7. Sounds like the perfect day! Very elegant gifts for an elegant lady.

  8. You will enjoy that calligraphy set a lot, I bet. It is such a pieceful thing mixing the ink on the stone and preparing for your drawing.


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