Sunday, January 08, 2006

Email Problem; Meme

I've been getting comments on my blog, but no email notification. Went in and reset my preferences, saved, etc. - but still no email. I'm not ignoring anyone, but I'm not getting all of my email at present.

Val tagged me with this Meme ~~

Four jobs you've had: concessions at the Dixie Theater, bank teller, bookkeeper for an insurance company, teacher

Four movies you could watch over and over: Difficult, as I'm not really a movie person, but I have watched some of these more than once and with pleasure: Drop Dead Fred; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Steve Martin's Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid; Shakespeare in Love

Four places you've lived: Dallas, TX; Casper, Wyoming; El Dorado, Ark.; and Shreveport, LA

Four TV shows you love to watch: Used to love Angel and West Wing; Law & Order, Simply Quilts

Four Places You've Been on Vacation: Edinburgh, London, Florida, Arkansas

Four Websites You Visit Every Day: about 6 blogs in Artful Quilters Web Ring that I cruise by EVERY day, many more that I check frequently

Four Of Your Favorite Foods: biscotti; fried green tomatoes; stuffed eggplant; Herbivore Pizza from the Noble Savage; Humphreys from Counter Culture (I know, I'm exceeding the # limits!)

Four Places You'd Rather Be: Not necessarily rather - but *Edinburgh; *with my friends who are visiting Hong Kong; *Santa Fe, New Mexico; *Italy

Four Albums you can't live without: Paul Simon's Graceland; sound track from Working; Andrea Bocelli's Sogno; Dvorak's New World Symphony

Four People you'll pass this on to:

(I've seen this Meme on several blogs, but can't remember everyone who has been tagged. )

Mary at Quilt Studio 77 ; Debby at Pieces, Too; Jules Of Jules Notes Jen of Dreamscraps


  1. I can sympathise with your email problem. Hope it gets better soon. Interesting meme. I like reading about other people's likes and can't live withouts!

  2. I watched Joe Dirt with my husband and surprised myself by loving it. It was so funny, I love David Soul (I think that's his name, he also does the "NO" adson TV.) I guess I'm eclectic.


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