Friday, December 02, 2005

Still grinning and name change

I'm still grinnin' from last night, yall! Will see the ring today and congratulate them in person.

There are so many Jens and Jennys now - when I was young, I was usually the only one. Named after my grandmothers: Jenny Corry McDowell and Kitty Claire Vincent Sledge, my name is Jenny Claire McDowell Mullen. When my husband set up our first email account, he set mine up as "jenclair@" so I've changed my "signature" to jenclair.

Before Mila was born, I dreamed that she was about four or five, and we were walking somewhere holding hands, when she looked up at me and called me Jenny Claire. Erin decided that was a good name for grandmother, so Mila calls me JennyClaire. I like it. My father is the only other person who calls me Jenny Claire.

Finished Erin's apron this morning. Making some progress again.

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  1. I've always wanted the name Jenny. And as a kid I had an imaginary friend I named Jenny, who had red hair. Isn't it funny that one of my best friends now is a red-head named Jenny?!


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