Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve and Family

On Christmas Eve, we gathered at Amelia's again. Fee used his super-fantastic fish fryer (with 3, count'em 3 baskets) to fry up a mess of cat fish, shrimp, oysters, and fries. All the men had to admire the fish fryer; the rest of us admired the fish. It was a really nice gathering - although I had to use Fix-a-Flat on the way over (Thanks to the man at the gas station who kindly pointed out that my back right tire was nearly flat), and I couldn't seem to wash the smell off my hands so everything I ate had a slight "petroleum product" odor.

Me, before leaving the house, trying the reflection photo.

I looked at the clock wrong, duh, and was ready nearly an hour early so I was playing around with the camera. Actually, it was a good thing that I ended up leaving early - since I encountered the tire problem and had to figure out how to use the Fix-a-Flat stuff which required a step by step walk through on the cell phone with Fee.

Above, Robin, my sister-in-law and nephew Cody of previously mentioned football fame.

My Dad, sister-in-law Teresa, and brother Steve, winning girl's basketball coach. His girls have won state an unprecedented number of times.

Le Chef, enjoying a little of his labors.

Cousins: Katie, Megan, and Amelia.

Katie & Megan belong to Marty & Robin - along with Cody. Amelia belongs to Le Chef and me.

Aren't these beautiful girls? Are we slightly besotted with our children? Yes and yes.

I'm tired and will have to continue with this epic saga tomorrow...


  1. Yes, the girls are beautiful! You have a really good-looking family all around. And you all look fun too!

    What is it with men and deep fryers? J has one had simply HAS to drag it out for the least little thing, even when it would be easier to fix on the stove.

    I LOVE the pic of you in the fabulous sun mirror!! Very Self-Portrait Tuesday-ish. :-)

  2. Great pictures of your family, Jen! I'm glad you had a good Christmas. (I wonder if I have some of that fix a flat stuff in my car)

    Thanks for the button hook explanation!

  3. Nice looking crowd--what a pretty family you have, Jen. Now that I'm older I wish we'd had a larger family. Looks like y'all had a great time.


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