Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Last year some local artists opened a gallery downtown called Artspace; there is a large area downstairs for display and sales and a more formal gallery area upstairs. In the basement there is an area for children to attend "art camps" and work with watercolor and resists, clay, drawing, etc. I finally stopped by one day and enjoyed wandering around looking at the work of various local artists. I mentioned it to my niece Megan, a graphic arts student, and told her that she might find it interesting. Last night, she called and wanted to know if I'd go with her. Hmmm...not a difficult decision.

So we went today- took it all in, discussed the various works (she is particularly attracted to mixed media), and admired the vision of the artists and their supporters and the old building itself with its polished wood floors and large windows. We went down to the basement, too, and checked out the kids in Art Camp - a good thing for kids and parents. Then we went next door to Hardaman's Art Supply store and examined the contents in detail. Hardaman's has been a Shreveport business for over 100 years, and I think, an art supply store for over 50 years. It is NOT a new and efficiently run space; clutter is everywhere and some items look as if they have been there for at least 50 years, but it is a real art supply store with everything from easels to batik wax to huge canvases, frames, etc. Megan bought a portfolio and a fixative for charcoal before we discovered we were both starving and went for lunch.

After Megan dropped me off, I worked on a piece I started yesterday. Now, my shoulders are pretty tight, so a break may be in order - with chocolate cake and milk.

I'm having trouble with blogger and can't post pictures; actually, my entire system is back to molasses again. Curses.

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  1. I have a terrible time posting pictures with Blogger sometimes - can't figure out if there is a pattern to the problems or not, like maybe they're busiest at certain times of day, so I can't post as readily then? If I post a picture to my Blog from my Picassa account, there's never a problem BUT I can only post one pic per entry that way.


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