Tuesday, November 22, 2005

:) QuiltSwap Completed!

Got home this evening and discovered that Karylee had completed matching everyone in the
Quilt Swap! . What a wonderful experience! My quilt "Exotic Vines" will go to Sylvia Weir, and Rhonda Blasingame's "Alice's Restaurant" will come to me!!


  1. There were some cool quilts being offered for trade! Kinda makes me wish I'd played. :-)

  2. Me too! what a fun idea!

  3. I came back to ask how did you make the white vines on your piece? I'm wondering if they are couched on they look so narrow. And I love Alice's Restaurant...great exchanges!

  4. Some of that serendipity of life that my quilt is coming to live with you. Not only do you live so close, but I only have about 8 blogs on my reading list and yours is one of them. It's just langniappe that your husband was a hippie on Halloween.


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