Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday, Monday...

I know it is actually Tuesday, but I want to revisit yesterday briefly. My horoscope yesterday said something like "The day will go from bad to worse," and I kind of chuckled and thought that anyday that began with having to clear the guest bedroom of all the junk moved into it from the sewing room was pretty "bad." The reason the guest room had to be cleared, though, was good: Nov. 7th is my birthday and Erin and Mila were coming for a visit!

I'd worked on clearing and sorting and organizing the room Sunday afternoon and night after Erin called to say she was coming, but to tell the truth, the more I worked, the harder it got, because the decisions about what to do with/ where to put stuff got more and more difficult. I got up Monday ready to tackle the remaining decisions and all of the "lares and penates" (tired of using "stuff," I looked it up in the thesaurus and found this legal term meaning portable property) and resumed my quest to find the room underneath the piles of boxes, books, desk and sewing materials.

Then, a phone call around 9:00, and things did go from bad to worse for awhile. By about 3:30, however, there was good news on that front. And I eventually got the room cleaned out, the house clean, and was ready for the arrival of our Mila, who made her entrance around 7:00 in time for dinner. Big Chris and Amelia and Little Chris came, too. There was beer, wine, food, and celebration.

I had a wonderful birthday with family, friends, and gifts! Among other things, Amelia gave me the soundtrack from Working!!!!

Mila is up; I'll continue this post later.


  1. Happy birthday, a little late. I'm glad your day got better! Jen

  2. Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio...I turn 56 on Friday. We Scorpios gotta stick together...no bad to worse especialy on your birthday...simply not allowed.

  3. Happy Birthday Jen!

    (I'm not late, I'm just continuing the celebration.)

    Hope you have a GOOD day today!

  4. A belated Happy Birthday Jen!

  5. Happy birthday for yesterday Jen,
    hope you are enjoying the rest of the week,


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