Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Family newsletter :)

My sister-in-law brought my nephew Matthew to visit Mother in the hospital today. He is three years old and quite a character: a unique combination of charming and mischievous. He went to the State Fair on Friday and would like to go every day, but unfortunately, the fair moved on after the weekend. Nevertheless, he has decided that "the man" has brought the fair back and that he will be going again. Ever hopeful.

Teresa also brought My Memory Book which niece Maggie created for me because I'd asked for some pictures that she had drawn. The book has a lovely dedication to ME and says, "May all your dreams come true." Now I'm ever hopeful! It also has a wonderful self-portrait of Miss Maggie, herself, and a list of many of her memories including: "My very first memory was comeing home from the hospital." Remarkable, don't you think? I can barely remember what I wore yesterday, but Miss Maggie can remember coming home from the hospital!

Nephew Cody was the star of his high school playoff game when he managed to kick 2 field goals last Friday. Outstanding relatives!

Daughter Amelia and big Chris brought home the newest addition to their family in the warm and fuzzy form of Lady Carolina Belle, a six week old English bulldog; Lady Carolina Belle joins L.J. (aka Elvis) and Jezza Belle (aka Snow White from the Halloween party). I'm looking forward to the Mardi Paw Parade this year and the Crewe of Barkus and Meow to see my grandpuppies in their full regalia. Bayou Quilts: Party Crashers?

I've been reading and beading during the hospital stints, but have about worn out my interest in the "Asian Blues" quilt and need to get something else started - so I'm transforming Maggie's self-portrait to fabric.


  1. Jen,

    How is your mother doing?

  2. Sounds like the Artist Child is live and well in Miss Maggie!

    How is your mom doing?


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