Friday, November 04, 2005

Asian blues quilt

I'm still not crazy about this piece, but I don't think there was any way for me to like it even with all of the re-working. Have started quilting - and was up until about 12:30 working last night. For some reason, like it or not, it has become imperative that I finish this. The need to finish is way out of proportion to its value - almost as if I can't get around to all of the other things I need to do until this is out of my hair.

Here is the way it looked in June, with all kinds of potential color additions, and/or embellishments pinned on. I wish I'd asked for help earlier because all comments were right on target, and if I'd asked for suggestions when I still had some connection to the piece, maybe I would have been able to to keep a good attitude toward this wayward child. Now, if I can just finish it and set it aside, maybe I will be able to get on with things. :0 Quilt and bead and set it aside.


  1. This is a lovely piece. How can you not like it! Blue and orange are one of my favourite combinations. I tell my students to view a piece of work as if it was someone else's when they arn't happy with it. Then they can critique as if it was nothing to do with them. And it works too! Try it!

  2. And going back to look at the original you've done a great job on the new version! Well balanced and I love the metallics things on the orange strip! Brilliant!

  3. Jen,

    I'd want to finish it too....Asian Blues is SO beautiful!!! I Love the green outer border...the leaves add movement and the colors and balance are perfect. This is gorgeous, should be proud....

  4. Val, there are things that still stand out as wrong to me, but I quilted a little more last night and did some handquilting and embroidery, and because I was enjoying myself (as always happens when immersed in the actual process) my attitude toward the little quilt improved improved. Sometimes I'm afraid of ruining a piece with the quilting and sometimes I hope that the quilting will save it; in this case, I'm hoping for salvation~ and experimenting is fun. Thanks, for the encouragement and for the initial suggestions that helped me tackle it again.

    Mary, thanks, my stash is so small that I couldn't find much that would work, and I worried about too much green. Tried to incorporate most of the suggestions you guys gave me, and I do like this much better than the static prototype!

  5. I remember the earlier version, and like this incarnation very much. I think the addition of the dark green background has given it a much more sophisticated look.

  6. I really like your quilted piece. It's lovely!!


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