Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sewing Room Suggestions?

I'm giving trim a second coat and making final touch ups now. I actually still need to remove shelf in closet before I can finish in there. Everything in dribs and drabs. This little step forward leads me to realize that there are other tiny items I missed. Thought all the nail holes had been discovered and taken care of, but no, found a couple more.

What ideas or suggestions can you give me about what you love in your own sewing nests? Or what you wish you had? Or how to do things cheaply?

I want insulation boards for design wall, I think.

What about sewing tables? Storage? Will everything that was removed from the room be able to find a place? Hmmmm...really doubtful. What is essential? What can be culled?

More questions than answers.


  1. Hi Jen,

    I like cutting tables to be at least can get thingies that will make your table higher at bed, bath and use them on dorm beds so they can store stuff underneath.

  2. Depending on where you plan to put your sewing machine, important tools like thread, scissors, etc... can be put directly on the wall within sitting reach so you don't have to get up for your things.

  3. My cutting table is about waist high - comfortable for me. Only problem is that I have to clear all the stuff off in order to cut! It tends to get used as audition board, catch-all, etc. It has gate legs, so underneath storage isn't all that neat. Do you have a purchased table, Mary, or a customized version? I've thought about getting rid of the monstrosity for something smaller. The possibility of storage underneath also appeals.

    Amy - I've debated about where to put the machine. In one way, I'd like it in front of the window, but yes,having it where wall space could be utilized makes more sense. Having things within reach is more important.

  4. Boombox! I have a rule that I always bring the music in first anytime I move! can't live without it.

    But seriously, I used to have my sewing machine situated so that I faced a wall and never got much done. Then I read some Fung Shui and turned the machine so I faced out into the the room and towards my design wall, and I started getting a lot more done and enjoy it.


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