Saturday, October 29, 2005

Party Crashers?

Amelia and Chris are having a Halloween party tonight. Fee and I were not invited. In fact, Amelia said the only way I could come was if I wore a dom-in-a-trix costume!! I looked up dominatrix. . .guess I won't be going. Cruel blow, Amelia; this is our 34th anniversary, and you won't let your parents come to your Halloween party??

Who would have imagined that she would hold a grudge over such trivial remarks about her dog? Chris doesn't hold a grudge; he didn't take my remarks seriously. God knows, I've tried to make amends, but she isn't having any of it.

But look - another view of Snow White! How cute! Doesn't she look sweet? And L.J.! The very image of Elvis. He could probably get a job as an Elvis Impersonator!

Could dogs get any more adorable than these two? I'm serious! These are just the most talented, attractive dogs around!

Enough groveling. I'm going to that party. I have a costume. Remember Miss Havisham?

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