Friday, October 28, 2005

Of book lists and sewing room makeovers

Jen at Dreamscraps , Karen , Deb L. , Lisa , and Val have all responded to DebR's personal book list challenge. It has been interesting to see what books and/or authors are in common and to jot down titles and authors to look for. Who have I missed? I'm sure I've looked at more lists. I'M SO CONFUSED! I don't know where I've been...lost in cyberspace, no longer able to remember which blogs I've visited.

On books... have recently finished With No One As Witness by Elizabeth George and The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble. In The Reading Group, I liked the inclusion of the books they were reading, and the various characters' take on the books even though it was a very small part of the novel.

It has also been fun to visit the various sewing rooms in need of help, whose owners have posted "before" pictures in response to Juliane's challenge. However, I'll have to wait to list some of those until I get my bearings, find my compass, or follow bread crumbs to get out of this maze. A map would be nice~

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