Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"New and Improved"

It has been quite a while since I've had the time and energy to post. Fee seems to have been able to correct most of the computer problems that have slowed things down to the point that I couldn't bear to sit down and wait for anything to load.

Of course, a host of other things have been keeping me busy as well and a fair (UNDERSTATEMENT) of time has gone into clearing out the sewing room and getting ready to paint.

Painting is almost finished now, although I still have some spots to touch up. Trim paint is in progress, as is the installation of hardwood floors by my favorite handyman. He does what he can in the time he can spare...and I am appropriately grateful for his services. (Thank you, dear.)

So the progress may not be as rapid as I'd like (think: magic wand and "presto change-o"), but by the time winter gets here, my sewing room will be a cheery, re-organized space that will defeat the dreary, depressing days of grey skies, rain, and cold.


  1. I kept cruising by to visit but didn't see anyone home! Glad you are back. I would go crazy without my computer but I see that you just had a better project to fool with instead of the slow computer.

    I love that blue dog. I can't think of the artist but I know he is famous.

  2. Think about joining The Artist's Way group, will ya?


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